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A Sleeper Guide to PC Security
A few tips/tricks/suggestions to help keep your computer safe
Last updated December 16, 2006 @ 4:27:12PM
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The original posts that contain most of this information are here and here.

Tips from Sleepers

1 - If you use add-ons, don't use a .exe to install them (unless Karin, Mareyn, or Sloaner wrote it - and you're downloading it directly from them). This is the most common way for a WoW specific trojan to get on your machine.

2 - Keep your anti-bad stuff software up to date (Anti-Virus, Firewall, Spyware, etc..)

3 - Careful which WoW related sites you download from. These are most likely to be safe (, but you'll want to run your anti-bad stuff software to be safe (and of course, the stuff we have for d/l should be safe)

4 - If you're trolling some of the WoW sites out there, careful what you click on, a not-nice person could try and take advantage of flaws in your web browser to load something on your computer.

5 - Keep your computer up to date. OS manufacturer's release those security updates for a reason.

6 - Use something besides Internet Explorer...please. While there is no perfectly secure web browser out there, there are lots better then IE 5 or 6 (I don't know about 7 yet..its too new).

7 - For Firefox, there are lots of plugins and extensions that can provide even more security (No Script gets Darias' vote, and I like IE Tab to extend compatibility to poorly written web sites.)

8 - Get VMWare and install a virtual machine to test run all downloaded files on before you install them on your real computer. If it's something questionable, only run it on the virtual machine, which keeps it from getting its hooks into your WoW client.

9 - Always make sure you fully understand what you are putting on your computer and who it is published by. Check security certificates to make sure they are valid, but know that they can be spoofed. In other words, you can never be too paranoid.

10 - Use a different password for your WoW account than you use for WoW-related websites, and only register at reputable websites. It seems to Pamplemousse the easiest way to hack an account would be to set up and just harvest usernames and passwords, because inevitably some people will use their WoW account information to sign up.

11 - Make yourself a limited user account for Windows, and use that as your primary account. Only use an account with administrative permissions if you are installing software or doing administrative stuff. We have not had a single computer compromised at work where the user has been running as a non-administrative user.

12 - Make yourself a tin foil hat, and be sure the foil is at least 17 microns thick, as that is the minimum necessary to block radio waves. If people can steal your thoughts, they can steal your passwords.

13 - Do not let your computer run a Microsoft update, triggered by a website, unless that website is Microsoft's.

14 - Use a strong password. Blizzard allows you to have up to 16 characters in your WoW password, use most of them. Use a combination of letters, numbers, lower case, and upper case. Mis-spell words in your password, it makes it harder for a dictionary attack to guess.

Security Tips from Blizzard

Blizzard has posted a page of security tips/suggestions on thier forums too. The post by Blizzard can be found here.

Security Related Sites

AVG - Free, highly recommended ant-virus software.
SpySweeper - Good Anti-spyware
CERT - These guys keep a list of the bad stuff out there


12/21/06 - Removed and from my 'trusted' list, due to recent keylogger activity on both sites. If you've been to them recently, run your anti-baddy software and you might consider changing your passwords
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