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Paladin Macros (pre-3.0)
A few handy macros to help keep you (and your party) alive.
Last updated December 11, 2006 @ 6:02:54AM
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* * * Update * * *

* * * 10/16/2008 * * *

* * * Update * * *

Please note, I've begun working on updating all the macros over to 3.0 changes. The majority of the changes include new seal/judge combos and the removal of down-ranking spells.

While some of the macros here still are unchanged, many of the macros here are used at your own risk.

* * * Update * * *

* * * Update * * *

Change Log

Been using it forever since I went Shockadin, so I added the "Shocky" Seal/Judgment combo.

Modified healing section regarding downranking of spells

Added LOLpallyDPS sealing combos

  • Edited both healing macros to allow for self heals.
  • Also, Bongos was what was causing my issues with teh CTRL key above. Turns out the pet bar was mapped to CTRL-#, and also ALT-# was bound elsewhere. I cleared all of those values out, and shift/alt/ctrl are now open on all macros.

  • 2007-01-17:
    Added some macros based on the EU-Paladin Macro's Thread.

  • Slight change to HL and FoL. For some reason modifier:ctrl won't work. The nomodifier part works, but not ctrl. I switched it to using alt and it's fine. Will check on it again later.
  • Also, fixed HL so that it should really be HL6 that gets cast by default, not HL4 (but that's for my purposes, yours may differ).

  • 2006-12-11:
    Created Post

    Whatcha got here?

    I miss my beloved Panza. It was single-handedly one of the best addons that any developer has created. Sadly, it got killed the 2.0 code changes in December 2006.

    What I liked about Panza was that it let me watch the battle -- not the health bars. I could spam a heal button and it would find the player to heal and heal them with the most mana efficient spell for the damage they had taken. So, when the new versatility of the macro engine also was released with 2.0, I began dedicating myself to seeing if I could get some of that functionality back.

    I know I can't get things to auto target, but I can still get downranked spells, seal combos, and some new effects thanks to mouseover options. Take a look at the following and adjust them as you see the need to.

    NOTE: In all cases, each indented section is an entire block of text to be pasted in it's entirety into the macro window. All of them SHOULD fit 255 characters.

    Recommended Addons

  • Bongos
    I use Bongos for both ease-of-use and keybindings. I find it very flexible and have been very happy with it since migrating over from GypsyMod.

    NOTE: I'm going to be looking into migrating over to Dominos as it's a newer version of Bongos, made by the original developer. Hopefully he keeps it updated for 3.0 and beyond.

    Seal and Judge Combos

    This is very versatile and I have different combination based on how I play. Change out SotC and SoComm below for SoW and SotC, and you have my "Mana and Melee" macro for getting that mana back in a hurry. SoJ and SotC is the "RunStopper" for that skittish mob. Tanking? Use a SotC and SoR combo. Mix and match how you normally combo your seals and it's a really nice macro.

    To use the macro, you target your mob, hold down alt, and hit the macro. That first time, it will seal with whatever you have first (in the example below, it's Crusader). Once your target is in range, hold alt and hit the macro again and it will judge that active seal.

    After that, it will alternate back and forth with Holy Shock and the second seal you have in the macro. NOTE: If you're trying trying to NOT get any agro from melee, make a macro like the second example so you don't inadvertantly HoSho something and have it turn its sharp pointy things on your healing gear. :)

    The reset timer isn't a 100% requirement, but it's a nice thing to have to visibly keep you from resealing too often.

    Shocky: "Back of man, I'm a shockadin!"
    /castsequence [modifier:alt] reset=15,reset=combat/target Seal of the Crusader, Judgement
    /castsequence [harm,nomodifier] reset=15,reset=combat/target Seal of Righteousness, Holy Shock, Consecration(Rank 3), Consecration(Rank 3); Judgement;

    Crush 'em: The 2H macro
    /castsequence [modifier:alt] reset=30,reset=combat/target Seal of the Crusader, Judgement
    /castsequence [harm,nomodifier] reset=30,reset=combat/target Holy Shock, Seal of Command

    Heal & Seal: While my friends kill you, can I have some mana? No agro please.
    /castsequence [modifier:alt] reset=30,reset=combat/target Seal of Wisdom, Judgement
    /castsequence [harm,nomodifier] reset=30,reset=combat/target Seal of Wisdom

    Mana & Melee: Can I have some mana, and you can die in the process.
    /castsequence [modifier:alt] reset=30,reset=combat/target Seal of Wisdom, Judgement
    /castsequence [harm,nomodifier] reset=30,reset=combat/target Holy Shock, Seal of the Crusader

    Runstopper: J00 stay put...and let me kill you.
    /castsequence [modifier:alt] reset=30,reset=combat/target Seal of Justice, Judgement
    /castsequence [harm,nomodifier] reset=30,reset=combat/target Holy Shock, Seal of the Crusader

    Tank U Mucho: A little holy damage for a little agro.
    /castsequence [modifier:alt] reset=30,reset=combat/target Seal of the Crusader, Judgement
    /castsequence [harm,nomodifier] reset=30,reset=combat/target Holy Shock, Seal of Righteousness

    LOLpallyDPS: I wrote this one for my good buddy Argert:
    /castsequence [modifier:alt] reset=30,reset=combat/target Repentance, Seal of the Crusader, Judgement, Crusader Strike
    /castsequence [harm,nomodifier] reset=60,reset=combat/target Hammer of Justice, Seal of Command, Judgement, Seal of Command


    I never used Decursive, because Panza already had the same functionality. So nevertheless, I feel the other decurser's pain. This quick little macro will save you all kinds of headaches.

    Click the macro while mousing over someone and it will Cleanse them. If you don't have someone mouseoverred (mousedover?), it will act as if you just clicked Cleanse on its own.

    /cast [modifier:alt,target=player] Cleanse; [target=mouseover,exists] Cleanse; Cleanse


    As long as they don't pull downranking away completely, we're still going to survive as healers. I wrote this article originally at level 60. At that time, with my gear and spec, FoL4 and HL6 were my best bets for keeping everyone alive.

    For your level, consult the tables for HL and FoL and read the chart. According to the above article, the downranking modifiers are:
    ((spell level)+6) / (player level)

    So, at level 70, my guess would be that your best bet to still get the most out of your healing gear, and down rank your spells, would be to use HL8 / FL5, but I'm no stats wizard, so you may want to consult the WoW Pally forums.

    FoL: The Mana Conserver. Spam for FoL4 downranked for mana efficiency. Spam with CTRL to downrank further to rank 2 when low on mana...still working on shift to do max FoL in this tight 255 chracter space.
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists,nomodifier] Flash of Light(Rank 4); [target=mouseover,exists,modifier:ctrl] Flash of Light(Rank 2); [target=player,modifier:alt] Flash of Light(Rank 4); Flash of Light

    HL: For Bigger Boo-boos. No modifer key for HL6 downranked for mana efficiency. Hit CTRL to boost to max rank when you really need to crank it out. (I may work Divine Favor in here somehow in the future.)
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists,nomodifier] Holy Light(Rank 4); [target=mouseover,exists,modifier:ctrl] Holy Light; [target=player,modifier:alt] Holy Light; Holy Light

    Holy Powerhouses Batman!

    Simply mouseover the target and let 'er rip. You don't even have to change targets now!

    /cast [target=mouseover,exists,harm] Hammer of Justice; [target=targettarget,harm] Hammer of Justice; Hammer of Justice

    /cast [target=mouseover,exists,harm] Holy Shock; [target=targettarget,harm] Holy Shock; Holy Shock

    /cast [target=mouseover,exists,harm] Hammer of Wrath; [target=targettarget,harm] Hammer of Wrath; Hammer of Wrath

    Fr. Merrin :P
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists,harm] Exorcism; [target=targettarget,harm] Exorcism; Exorcism

    Righteous Defense

    Leave my friend alone! This new ability is one I'm still learning, but it's great when you're tanking from what I hear. ("What, you mean I have to poke things with a stick?")

    RiDef ** Changed 2006-01-17
    /cast [help] Righteous Defense; [target=mouseover,exists,help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget.exists,help] Righteous Defense


    This is really for anyone, but I'm including it in here too. Change "Heavy Runecloth" to whichever bandage you have on hand. (This is borrowed directly from WoWWiki.)

    /use [modifier:alt,target=player] Heavy Runecloth Bandage
    /use [modifier:ctrl,target=pet] Heavy Runecloth Bandage
    /use [help] Heavy Runecloth Bandage


    Thanks to the dev team at Panza for the great mod that pushed me to dig into the macro engine. Their addon made me want to stay a pally. The death of it (and other mods was a loss to the community.

    Thanks to Smacker for HoW and RiDef macros above.

    Contibuters at WoWWiki's "Useful Macros" article. I'm sure it'll grow and flux as people figure things out in our new environment, so I'll be harvesting from it regularly.

    I've also added and changed (2007-01-17) some macros based on some tidbits on the Paladin Macros thread from the EU Pally forums. Good stuff there Camy!
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