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Darkmoon Faire Guide
This was originally compiled by Kafka on July 13th, 2005. It is most probably out-of-date, but please provide updates if you have them.
Last updated December 6, 2006 @ 9:59:24AM
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(Original thread)

I saw this on the realm forums thought i might copy it here so people can get prepared!

The Darkmoon Faire will alternate months between Mulgore and Elwynn Forest, starting in each location the first week of the month then off in transit the rest of the month. It will be in Mulgore in odd months and Elwynn Forest in even months. You can turn in Blacksmith, Engineer or Leatherworker items or animal drops for reputation points and tickets and then turn in the tickets for rewards. (You must have the craft skill to turn in craft items.)

Ticket Turnins:
You get 100 Reputation Points for each turnin with Darkmoon Faction. At first you only see the first turnins in each category. As your reputation rises you gain the higher turnins and lose the initial ones.

Animal Drops:
05x Small Furry Paw - 1 Tickets
05x Torn Bear Pelt - 4 Tickets
05x Soft Bushy Tail - 8 Tickets
05x Vibrant Plume - 12 Tickets
10x Evil Bat Eye - 20 Tickets

Blacksmith Items:
10x Coarse Weightstone - 1 Ticket
Cost: 10x Coarse Stone 10x Wool Cloth

07x Heavy Grinding Stone - 4 Tickets
Cost: 21x Heavy Stone

03x Green Iron Bracers - 8 Tickets
Cost: 18x Iron Bar 3x Green Dye

01x Big Black Mace - 12 Tickets
Cost: 16x Mithril Bar 1x Black Pear l4x Shadowgem 1x Solid Grinding Stone 2x Thick Leather

08x Dense Grinding Stone - 20 Tickets and ??rep
Cost: 32x Dense Stone

Engineering Items:
05x Copper Modulator - 1 Ticket
Cost:10x Handful of Copper Bolts 10x Copper Bar 20x Linen Cloth

07x Whirring Bronze Gizmo - 4 Tickets
Cost:14x Bronze Bar 7x Wool Cloth

03x Green Fireworks - 8 Tickets
Cost:3x Heavy Blasting Powder 3x Heavy Leather

06x Mechanical Repair Kit - 12 Tickets
Cost:6x Mithril Bar 6x Mageweave Cloth 6x Solid Blasting Powder

06x Thorium Widget - 20 Tickets and ??rep
Cost: 18x Thorium Bar 6x Runecloth

Leatherworking items:
03x Embossed Leather Boots - 1 Ticket
Cost: 24x Light Leather 15x Coarse Thread

03x Toughened Leather - 4 Tickets
Cost: (Assuming TL Armor not gloves) 30x Medium Leather 6x Cured Light Hide 6x Fine Thread

03x Barbaric Harness - 8 Tickets
Cost: 42x Heavy Leather 6x Fine Thread 3x Iron Buckle

03x Turtle Scale Leggings - 12 Tickets
Cost: 42x Thick Leather 84x Turtle Scale 9x Heavy Silken Thread

08x Rugged Armor Kit - 20 Tickets and ??rep
Cost: 40 Rugged Leather

Ticket Redemptions:
0005 Tickets - [Darkmoon Flower] [Held in Off-hand]

0005 Tickets - [Minor Darkmoon Prize] [Guaranteed to contain an item of value!]

0010 Tickets - [Last Months Mutton] [One-Hand Mace 29-54 damage (16.6 DPS), 2.50 speed]

0012 Tickets - [Lesser Darkmoon Prize] [Guaranteed to contain an item of value!]

0040 Tickets - [Greater Darkmoon Prize] [Guaranteed to contain an item of value!]

0050 Tickets - [Darkmoon Storage Box] [Unique 14 Slot Container]

0050 Tickets - [Last Years Mutton] [One-Hand Mace 44-82 damage (31.5 DPS), 2.00 speed]

1200 Tickets - [Orb of the Darkmoon]

1200 Tickets - [Amulet of the Darkmoon]

Darkmoon Cards:

There are also rare playing cards that are world drops. These are the Ace to 8 of four different suits. Collect all 8 of a suit and you can combine them to make an epic trinket. The cards are tradeable.

[Darkmoon card: Heroism] - occasionally heals you while you are engaged in melee combat. [Sometimes heals bearer of 120 - 180 damage when attacking an enemy]

[Darkmoon card: Maelstrom] - occasionally impact an enemy you are fighting with for heavy damage. [Chace to strike your melee target with lighting for 200 to 300 Nature damage]

[Darkmoon card: Twisting Nether] - occasionally pull your spirit back into your body after death and restore you. [Gives the wearer a 10% chance of being able to resurrect wiht 20 health and mana]

[Darkmoon card: Blue Dragon] - restores mana [2% chance on successful spellcast to allow 100% of your Mana regueneration to continue while casting for 15 sec]

Elementals = Maelstrom
Warlords = Heroism
Beasts = Blue Dragon
Portals = Twisting Nether

Frog Egg Quest:
"If you talked to the female orc in the darkmoon faire, she says her frog ran away to look for dark iron ale. if you go to BRD and get some ale you can use it to pull the frog to her. if you succeed she'll offer a quest for 30 seconds which requires a [dark iron ale mug] to complete, then go back to wondering where her frog went. After you turn in the 2nd dark iron Ale, she gives you "[Unhatched Jubling Egg]" which has, I kid you not, a 7-day cooldown before you can use it. I was finally able to click it about an hour ago (got it on the first day of test when the faire was already set up in mulgore) and it created an item called "A Jubling's Tiny Home" or something like that. It's a passive pet like cats, prairie dogs, etc. except it's a huge, fat orange and blue frog named "Jubling" that croaks when you click him. And he's lvl 5."

EDITED: I saw an updated version of the same post so I updated your post here, hope you don't mind (Karin)
EDITED (2006.01.26): Added item rollovers (Karin)
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