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Auctioneer 101
1. Download. 2. Scan. 3. Profit!
Last updated December 6, 2006 @ 6:05:01AM
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(Original thread by Vint)


Last night in guild chat, I gave a real, real quick Auctioneer 101 to Cerelon and Tee. As I was trying to avoid getting my squishy mage butt squished, and the accompanying long run from the graveyard.. I offered to repost everything I know about Auctioneer here.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert at Auctioneer, in fact, I am not currently using it. For those Sleepers who are still using it, if you notice that anything I say is wrong or incomplete, let me know and I can edit the post, and of course.. feel free to chime in with your Auctioneer money making tips.

Ok, here we go

If you haven't already, go get Auctioneer.

Once its downloaded, unzip it. Depending on which download you got from Auctioneeraddon, you may have more then one folder that downloaded (Auctioneer, Informant, Enchantrix, and I think Stubby). Drag all the folders into your /World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons folder.

Launch WoW. When you get to the Character selection screen, there should be a red button in the lower right hand corner that says "AddOns". Click it.

Make sure all the addons you just installed are active (they'll have a check in the box if they are turned on" Note: After any patch, you'll probably have to come back in here and re-enable them by clicking the "load out of date addons" button

If the Auctioneer stuff is the only addon you're running, you don't need to do anything else on this screen..go ahead and finish logging into WoW.

If you are running more Addons, you'll probably need to increase the amount of RAM you have allocated to scripts/addons. You do this on the addons the box on the upper right that says Memory. It defaults to 48 (I think), increase it to like 56 or so (or more if you want to). Auctioneer has a fairly large memory footprint, but its worth, go log into WoW.

Go to the Auction House

When you talk to an Auctioneer, you'll now notice a new button on the "Browse" tab, labelled "Scan". Until you have scanned the AH, Auctioneer doesn't have any pricing information in it to display in your tooltip, or to use when you place an item up for auction, or look for stuff to buy. The more often you scan, the better a sense Auctioneer gets for Perenolde's economy. Scanning takes about 15 minutes most of the time. I scan when I'm done playing, and just let the game log me out.

Once you've scanned, is when you can start making money using Auctioneer.


When you put an item up for auction, Auctioneer will autofill minimum bid/buyout and lenght of auction values based on the data in its scan history.
By default, auctioneer will try and undercut your competition by 5%. If Auctioneer has never seen an item at the AH before, it will set the price to be 300% of what a vendor will give you for it.

I've found that these values work pretty good, so I never changed them.


Auctioneer gives you a few new options when browsing for stuff on the AH.

You can specify that you want to see items that are x% below market value. Which would allow you to buy them low, and relist them for thier actual market value, making you extra gold.

And really, thats it

I'm sure there's more, but since I don't use it on a regular basis I'm going off my memory here...

There are some basic documentation and a list of commands for the Auctioneer stuff over at the site.

Additionally, one article that is of interest if you plan on getting really hardcore with the AH is A day with Slott Industries ?. It gives a ton of tips for optimizing your settings.
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