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Welcome to the Sleeper Cartel

Sleeper Cartel is a World of Warcraft alliance guild that is dedicated to helping each other out. We are located on the Perenolde realm and currently have 81 members.

Here's some other things happening for SC lately...

DARIAS!!!!  Y U KICK MEH?!?!11111ELEVENTYONEONEThe Legion is coming, and along with that, Legion is coming. There are some of you who we've not seen in a year. Some of you we haven't seen in longer than that. I've been a supreme slacker and haven't cleaned the roster in ages.

So...I did some house cleaning tonight. The following criteria removed characters:

  1. If your main hasn't been on since January of this year
    1. all of your characters were removed.
  2. If your main has been in on in the last 3-4 months an alt was removed BOTH of these criteria were met
    1. haven't been used in 2016
    2. were less than or equal to level 90

Darias! Can I get back in? Yes. When you're ready to play again, we'll be here. But, you have to apply again just like you did the first time...but knowing the guild you're coming back to this time and letting us know why you want to come back home.

I've slacked off a lot recently. It's time to do some sweeping, patch some holes in the roof, and get the guild house in shape for Legion.
A feast for Sleepers..and Stormwind!
A feast for Sleepers..and Stormwind!After downing the Lich king we decided to feed the server..
We miss you and stuff. Miss us?
We miss you and stuff.  Miss us?Today, 6.0.2 dropped. The long summer of barely anyone else on is behind us. The next expansion is only a month away.

You might have "taken a break" for awhile.

You might have quit WoW "for good".

You might think there's no reason to come back.

We're still here. Your family is still here.

Come back home Sleeper. Your guildies have been missing you.

Happyness is HARMONY my friends!
Happyness is HARMONY my friends!Make love, not Warcraft.

Make peace, not PvP.

Embrace the love and flowers within you......and on your tabard.

Just waiting for my income taxes to come in and we'll have a new guild name.

I love you all...

- Darias
Issues...overwhelming, or, problems with coalescing servers
Issues...overwhelming, or, problems with coalescing serversSo, unless you haven't been in-game for a month or so, you might not have heard that Perenolde has merged realms with Cairne. They're still Cairne, and we're still Perenolde, we can see each other just like in the Cross Realm Zones, BUT we can join guilds and easily join parties/raids as if we were on the same server.

All was OK with this until Blizzard decided to add "-Perenolde" to all of our names in game. It's cool to have a last name, but not when your guild has an addon which reads that user name and updates the website roster using it. Our roster updater went nutso disabling all of our normal names -- "Darias", "Erudi", etc. -- and replacing them with "Darias-Perenolde", "Erudi-Perenolde", etc. like we were new accounts.

PLEASE NOTE: To combat this, you will soon need to log in with "-Perenolde" after your username. This is the easiest fix as I don't understand the upload script enough to parse out all the "-Perenoldes" during the upload. When this change to how you log in happens,
  1. You don't need a new PW.
    • Use your existing name and just add "-Perenolde" onto it.
  2. Your profile remains the same.
    • Again, it's still your same profile...the name is just changed.
    • This is similar to how a few of you have had your mains changed.
  3. If you (or someone on Cairne) has a same-name toon on Cairne as here on Perenolde, this will alleviate any confusion as to who is who.
    • Also, if the same-name-toon is an alt of yours (I'm looking at you Telonnar), if Telonnar-Cairne is on the roster, having "alt-Telonnar-Perenolde" will keep them part of your Perenolde main.

I know this is a bit of a pain, but it's going to make life easier for all of us going forward as people from Cairne eventually join us. God help us if there's an Erudi-Cairne out there...but this will make future member additions much smoother.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
- Darias

Update 01/16/2014
Can't log in? Read above.

If you don't remember what your password was, please email an officer. - D
Sleeper Cartel -->> Evil Pink Bunnies
I've got the request in now with Blizzard for the name change, but all the Easter pictures over the weekend had me inspired. We need to add some spice to the guild and revitalize us. We need to set ourselves apart.

We need a rebirth. The site will redirect to the new domain by the end of the week.


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